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Pivo Enters the Russian Market with An AI-Powered Motion Tracking Solution For Content Creators

Pivo Partners with Marvel Distribution to Bring Interactive Pods and Accessories to Retailers in Russia

U.S. tech startup Pivo Inc. partnered with one of Russia's largest IT distributors, Marvel Distribution, to bring Pivo Pod and accessories to the Russian market. Pivo has seen rapid growth after their successful Kickstarter campaign and is now available for online purchases worldwide. Soon, Pivo will also be available offline in select retailers throughout the U.S. and Russia.

Online content consumption doubled this year, and with that, there was also an increase in demand to create more digital content. Users are searching for a solution that allows them to film high-quality videos while staying at home alone. Pivo introduced a smart interactive pod that enables photographers and videographers to create better content with their smartphones. The Pod rotates 360-degrees and has AI-powered motion tracking technology, letting users stay in the camera's frame as they move. Creators can now live stream, video call, give presentations, and make insanely creative videos, hands-free and in frame, all with a genius little Pod.

As one of Russia's largest IT distributors, Marvel has over 4,000 partners and works with over 120 different manufacturers. Pivo is excited to work together with Marvel to introduce Pivo’s product line to content creators throughout Russia. Customers can expect to see Pivo available for sales at local retailers and marketplaces in Russia starting this month.

"We are pleased to start cooperation with PIVO as a developed brand that is currently in a high-growth phase. This partnership is a fantastic opportunity to develop a new niche for marketing and distribution. We are confident that it will bring rich benefits for both of our companies. We are proud to represent PIVO on the territory of Russia," said Marvel Business Development Manager, Elena Mikhaylovskaya.

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